At the turn of the last century, Trebetherick was very much a self-contained community, relying mainly on agriculture to sustain the much smaller population than lives there now.

Farming is a much less significant economic activity these days, though it still continues.  Land is more valuable for building than for fields – and much building there has been over the last hundred years.

Some of the histories are recorded here of who built which houses, who has lived there since, what brought them to Trebetherick and when.

These accounts are based mainly on personal recollections, and more can be added.  Thanks to all contributors to the story so far.


A look into the past of the village of
Trebetherick, North Cornwall

Mary Fellgett 1984

Was there a village of Trebetherick before the arrival of the summer visitors in the 20th century? If so, what sort of village was it? Was it farming or fishing? And what about that story that there was a village at the head of Daymer Bay which was deserted after a sandstorm overwhelmed all the houses in one night? Was the name of Trebetherick a farm name rather than a village name? What about the people who lived in this village, and how did they live? ……………

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